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Reuse Those Wine Corks

Wait! Don't toss those wine's what you can do with them. 


The Gift That Keeps Giving...

You want to buy a Valentine's Day gift but flowers don't last much longer than a box of chocolates which is eaten within a week, so wondering what to buy? How about this personalized Postcup™?

I love it because it is useful (which means it is not clutter.) Who wouldn't love sipping morning tea out of this mug created just for them? This fun, interactive gift arrives with a special pen for you to write in your own message then you bake it to set it.

I just heard from one reader who said she plans to have a girl's night, they'll each personalize their Postcup and bake them up while they catch up over munchies. How fun!
I'm going to have to order up another Postcup since I thought of writing in my favorite quote and keeping it for myself to hold my pens on my desk.


Do you do this?

In the rush of life sometimes it can be tempting to forgo the library and just buy the item we want. But how many times do we buy yet another novel or cookbook that ends up in the 'to read' pile?

How about that magazine that arrives in the mail but is tossed in the incoming mail pile on the kitchen counter, then by the time you read it the information is a month or two old...

There are so many things that you can get for free at the library! You can borrow books, check out movies and so much more.

Also you can also find great resources, reference librarians are so knowledgeable. You can ask questions, pick up discount tickets for local events and much, much more!

So the next time you're tempted to renew a magazine subscription or buy yet another book try the library first.

Oh and if you are wondering how to keep borrowed items organized try creating a borrowed shelf , basket or tote bag where you can store items until they are due.


Undeck the Halls

Is this the week you'll pack up the rest of those holiday decorations?

Although it is not the most enjoyable job you will feel great when it is done!

The trick is to identify and pack up all the items. Growing up after we thought we'd packed everything up my Mother would offer us a reward, of a quarter, for each leftover decoration we could find.

I remember one year finding the Santa and Mrs. Clause salt and pepper shakers. I thought they'd each count for one quarter, my Mom disagreed (I still think I was right.)

As you pack up the items it is inevitable something will be overlooked. It might be a holiday themed potholder or a snowflake soap dispenser in the guest bath. Either way here is a great space saving storage idea:

Leave room in one easy to reach storage bin

That way as you come across these leftover items OR if you buy a new item on clearance you'll have a place to put it.

Otherwise you'll either leave it out year-round which takes up valuable everyday storage space


You'll toss it in another bin and forget it next year because you broke the rule of storing "like with like."

Wondering what item I'd have gotten a quarter for this year? This jingle bell doorknob hanger. Totally overlooked it!

So set a timer for 18 minutes (10 minutes is too short and 20 minutes is too long) then pack away what you can before the bell sounds. You just might surprise yourself about what you can accomplish in a short block of time.

Take a bite out of un-decking your halls this week!

Stuffed animal clutter...


On the 1st day of the New Year

Don't let paper clutter tax you. Grab a file folder, label it TAXES and slip it behind the canister on the kitchen counter. Now as all those important tax related forms arrive they'll have an easy to access home!


On the 6th day after Christmas

Making a bag of gently used items to give to charity while you put away all your new gifts is a good use of your time.


On the 5th day after Christmas

Time to start finding homes for all those new gifts. A gift without a home is named Clutter :)


On the 4th day after Christmas

Taking down those holiday lights? Use a popcorn or cookie tin to keep them from tangling. Here's another tip...


On the 3rd day after Christmas

Today is the day to break up gift boxes and take out the trash.


On the 2nd day after Christmas

Today is the day to slip all those gift cards you received into your wallet AND mark a shopping date on your calendar otherwise...well you know.

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