Do you do this?

In the rush of life sometimes it can be tempting to forgo the library and just buy the item we want. But how many times do we buy yet another novel or cookbook that ends up in the 'to read' pile?

How about that magazine that arrives in the mail but is tossed in the incoming mail pile on the kitchen counter, then by the time you read it the information is a month or two old...

There are so many things that you can get for free at the library! You can borrow books, check out movies and so much more.

Also you can also find great resources, reference librarians are so knowledgeable. You can ask questions, pick up discount tickets for local events and much, much more!

So the next time you're tempted to renew a magazine subscription or buy yet another book try the library first.

Oh and if you are wondering how to keep borrowed items organized try creating a borrowed shelf , basket or tote bag where you can store items until they are due.

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D7ana said...

I've been able to watch a BBC America series, Dr. Who, for FREE by using my public library. They are excellent resources, our libraries.